News insight: DPS – The dependable procurement solutions

Sophie Quenby, Client Account Executive

News insight: DPS – The dependable procurement solutions

There’s only one thing that’s certain at the moment and that’s uncertainty! News reports over the last week about the collapse of Carillion demonstrate how volatile the markets can be, where no-one can predict what may happen or what the outcome will be.

Amongst all the talks of Brexit, labour shortages and bridging the skills gap, we are without doubt in a time of unprecedented change that is seen across all sectors.

Frameworks have, and always will have, their place as a procurement solution. However in a time when change happens minute by minute we need a more modern solution which can adapt just as quickly, to accommodate the change and maintain a projects momentum should circumstances change.

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is the perfect solution for these uncertain times. Unlike a framework which is a snap shot in time, a DPS continuously changes. Where new suppliers can join at any time, meaning the most current and innovative suppliers are available.

It works as a continual benchmark where each call-off from a DPS is an Invitation to Tender (ITT), which can take as little as 10 days to complete and reflects the current state of a business, the current financial standing, the current prices and the current capacity. Every time.

They give organisations the knowledge that their suppliers have all the relevant attributes at the time of appointment. They allow for the inclusion of SMEs and local tradespeople who can be appointed directly. They ensure the selection of the most suitable supplier at the time of each project, guaranteeing the completion of work and allowing the continuation of work for employees and apprentices.

No-one can predict the future or what lies round the corner. But, by looking for innovative and dependable solutions some of that uncertainty can be overcome.

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