Procurement - the time is now

Katy Mills, Managing Director

A procurer's lot is an exciting one! I don't think I have ever known a time in my procurement life that has been more challenging, or seen more doors opening. I can almost see a time where procurement will be an equal player at the Executive table.

The tension between the growth in the private sector and the continuing austerity in the public sector makes it extremely challenging for procurement professionals. In our business we increasingly have to straddle both, as public bodies actively pursue commercial ventures.

There are high expectations placed on procurement teams now. Contracting Authorities should think carefully about how they collaborate and work together with others and make the most of their finite resources.

Are you ready to rise to the challenge? Are you using the right frameworks to help you utilise your resources in the right areas? Are you taking the time to improve internal relationships?

What is your procurement journey going to look like?

We can help you rise to your procurement challenge

Our free-to-join frameworks can help. Following the new procurement regulations changes, we offer fully compliant and ready to access frameworks.

To find out more about how our frameworks could help you, send us a message or call the team on 01772 897 326

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