Case study: Progress Housing Group

Aim: To consolidate suppliers

Procurement method: Domestic appliances framework

Ensuring that its supported living tenants have access to all the essentials in their home is a clear priority for Progress Housing Group.

The 11,000-home landlord is responsible for furnishing more than 3,000 supported living properties nationwide with white goods and domestic appliances. "It’s absolutely key that goods get delivered quickly to the right place, that there is an installation service, that things are unpacked and that old appliances are removed from the site," says Lindsey Barrow, head of procurement and purchase to pay at Progress Housing Group.

After experiencing issues in the past, Progress sought to enlist a delivery partner that could help ensure it met its obligations to its residents. "We were having to address [procurement] more on an ad-hoc basis and obviously we wanted to consolidate, have one process and deal with one supplier only," says Ms Barrow.

"[We wanted to] move it to that next stage where we could focus it more on what we were buying, the service levels and the price we were paying rather than just saying 'we have a requirement here, let’s address it'."

Having reviewed its options, Progress decided to use a newly launched framework for domestic appliances from the Procurement Hub to find an appropriate supplier. Although the landlord had previously signed up to the hub, this was the first time it had used any of its frameworks.

Once the right supplier had been identified through the framework, Ms Barrow was impressed at how fast the process was completed. She says: "It was literally within a couple of weeks of the initial conversation that the account was set up and we started trading – it was that fast."

Ms Barrow happily reports that the partnership has been proceeding smoothly since the contract was awarded to EMS in September 2016. "We’ve had a couple of really good meetings with the supplier to go through exactly what we’re looking for and how we’re going to work together to take it forward to that next level," she concludes.

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