Case study: Vertas

Aim: To comply with OJEU regulations

Procurement method: Energy dynamic purchasing system

When the time came to procure a new gas contract for her portfolio of customers, Lisa Galbraith, head of energy at Vertas, turned to the first port of call for most public sector procurement professionals – the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

She required a compliant framework that could help her public sector customers secure the right supplier, in a timely manner. Through an extensive search, Ms Galbraith identified that an energy dynamic purchasing system (DPS) from Procurement Hub could offer a potential solution.

"What drew me to the Procurement Hub solution was that it is a DPS," says Ms Galbraith. "Although it is already tendered, suppliers can join at any time and don’t have to be on it from the start."

This distinction allowed Vertas’ head of energy the flexibility and control to invite other suppliers onto the procurement platform. This offered a major benefit over alternative measures, she says.

"With a DPS you are able to get all the suppliers onto it that you feel could best help you," she adds. "You don’t have to go searching through lots of other rigid frameworks. You just go to the DPS and run your mini-competition inside that."

Once the provisional discussions were completed, Ms Galbraith opted to conduct the whole tender process herself, which allowed her to “see the process through from one end to the other”.

This approach to the procurement process was appreciated, she explains. It gave her both the control she required, and the benefits of a straightforward and compliant process.

"[Procurement Hub] weren’t controlling. They let me do what I needed to." After a successful tender application, the gas contract was awarded to Gazprom for a 1 October 2016 start date.

So far the relationship has proved fruitful for Vertas, Ms Galbraith says. There have been a few "teething problems" due to the size of the portfolio, but she says Gazprom has been “really good” at addressing those issues and "going above and beyond to rectify them with the least disruption to customers".

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