Professional Services Framework Information

Professional Services Framework

II.2.4. Description of the procurement (nature and quantity of works, supplies or services or indication of needs and requirements)




Places for People Group is one of the largest property management, development and regeneration companies in the UK. We are also one of the largest Registered Providers of affordable housing. We were simultaneously Building UK House builder of the Year 2013 and RESI Social Landlord and Property Managers of the Year; testimony to the quality of our service across all areas of the residential market.


Our Group mission is to ‘ensure successful places and enable people to reach their potential.’ As a not-for-dividend organisation, any profit we make is re-invested back into the business and our communities. With a platinum award in the Corporate Responsibility Index we are currently the leading company in our sector.


Additional information on Places for People, and its Group Structure is available from


Unlike most house builders or landlords, Places for People operates across the housing market; developing and managing every tenure; from supported and social housing, through shared ownership and equity to market sales and rent.


Places for People were one of the pioneers of offering procurement frameworks to help drive economies of scale for us and our partners. We presently operate a number of successful frameworks including Green Services, Major Works, Professional Services, Utilities, IT Services, Development Contractors and Builders Merchants that are already helping the public sector save money on its essential procurement in an EU compliant way (see for more information).

Procurement Hub Overview

Procurement Hub is an innovative, provider of procurement services to the public sector across the UK, brought to you by the Places for People Group.  The Procurement Hub was officially launched in March 2015 with the aim of creating procuring and efficiency savings both for Places for People and other public authorities who wish to buy with us.


The Procurement Hub channels all of our external procurement services through one central point. The Hub is free to join and combines Places for People’s established procurement solutions such as Built Environment, Professional Services, Waste Services as well as innovative Dynamic Purchasing Systems such as Building Materials, Property Works and Legal Services.


The Hub brings together our wide-ranging procurement expertise, garnered from 50 years of supply chain activity in the housing and construction sectors and complements the Group’s end to end service offer. Demand for our knowledge and expertise has risen significantly as others across the public sector continue to look to work collaboratively for mutual benefit using skills and resources efficiently together without third party membership fees or duplicating costs.


The Hub has a good track record in delivering procurement solutions with over 270 public sector customers to date. We now wish to refine the established solutions and grow the suite we can offer both for ourselves and others to access.



Framework Scope

Places for People and Procurement Hub are seeking applications from qualified suppliers of multi-discipline professional services who can provide high quality services using a customer focused approach particularly in the public sector. It is anticipated that the services will be provided by the supplier themselves and via their supply chain of subcontractors and consultants. The specific works and services that may be procured under the Framework will be vast and wide ranging in terms of complexity, value and scope


The nature and types of services that will be required may include those services identified by CPV codes within the contract notice and may include projects in the below areas. The provider will be expected to work closely, and co-operate with local government and other contracting authorities, in-house and external consultants.


All contract performance will be monitored using a set of comprehensive performance indicators provided within the contract documentation.


Further details on the scope of services required are provided in Framework Details below and within the Specifications

Framework Details

The works which will typically be awarded through the Professional Services Framework will include but not limited to –


Technical surveying, Cash Flow Modelling, Master Planning Services, Development/ New Build Land and Sales/ Acquisitions, Property and Value, Agency Management, Asset Management Planning, Investment Planning, Repair and Maintenance Health Checks, Resource Planning, Planning, Procurement and Partnering Advisory Service, Employers Agent, Development Appraisals, Heritage & Archaeology, Consultancy, Estate Rationalisation, Estate Appraisals,  CDM Coordinator Services, Architect Services, Landscape Design, Structural and Civil Engineering Services, Stock Condition Surveys, Asbestos survey and testing, Provision of Type 1 and Type 3 Fire Risk Assessment and Energy Performance Certification.


Further details on the services likely to be called off via the framework are provided below;


  • Stock Condition Surveys; including an assessment against any relevant standard e.g. WHQS, SHQS, Decent Homes etc. provision of future investment need and projected cost over 30 year period as well as detailed scoping survey of whole property to establish the overall investment need prior to Constructors commencing design / work including full photographic records, production of programmes of work and affordability analysis


  • Fire Risk Assessments; Fire risk assessments to communal areas of properties including identification of cost and risk management plan in accordance with Regulatory Reform Order   
  • Asbestos Surveys; in accordance with HSG264, Management Surveys, Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys and management surveys


  • Energy Performance Certificates; Energy certification in accordance with RDSAP's  compliant with EU Energy Performance Directive


  • Electrical Testing; Hard wire electrical testing provision of certified results and priorities and minor defects corrected, carried out as a single program of work        


  • Sales and Marketing; Outright Sales Programme - Agency service to sell outright sales properties in open market excluding marketing budgets, Low Cost Home Ownership - Agency service to sell LCHO properties excluding marketing budgets, Individual Properties - Agency services to sell individual properties excluding marketing budgets, Stock Rationalisation - production of a stock rationalisation strategy, Stock Rationalisation - Disposal of stock portfolio to registered providers excluding marketing budgets,                   


  • Property and Land Valuation; Provision of Loan Security Valuations for funders for mix of general needs rented, support and sheltered housing and shared ownership properties, Provision of valuation for stock transfer purposes (LSVT), Provision of valuation of PFI / Keyworker / Student scheme, Provision of valuation of land with planning consent / potential for residential,


  • Asset Management and Strategy Planning; Prepare holistic asset management strategy and implementation plan including guidance, training and presentations.  Bidders should note that this work will involve out of normal working hours information gathering and presentations, Carry out Investment Planning and option appraisals and reporting to include investment planning model, packaging programme and strategy to include short medium and longer term aims, Undertake a one-off Internal Workforce/Partner Contractor/Service Provider Health Check and Service Review, Provide a Service Improvement and Best Value Plan for internal workforce/partner contractor/service provider, Undertake Resource Planning/Service Structure Review and prepare Resource Plan for internal workforce/partner contractor/service provider, Undertake Benchmarking of Services for internal workforce/partner contractor/service provider


  • Other Services; Procurement Services - Provide Procurement Services for Major Works programmes including full level of procurement, consultation and final sign off on tender report, Programme Management - Provide Management Services for the efficient running of programmes and one off projects, Architectural and  Building Surveying Services, Mechanical and Electrical engineering services, CDM advisor duties, structural engineering services, cost consultant/quantity surveying services, employers agent, landscape design


Bidders must be able to provide all the services above to a variety of project and scheme sizes.  One supplier will be appointed to the framework.  Places for People have decided to award this multi-discipline framework to one service provider only who can provide all the services on a national basis.  The reason for this is that it is complemented by a dynamic purchasing system for Compliance Services which can be used for specific and/or specialist works on either a national or regional basis depending on Places for People’s or Procurement Hub member’s requirements for a given project.










Historical Spend (previous Professional Services Framework)


Please find below a summary of the historical spend on the previous Professional Services Framework which was used by in excess of 40 different Procurement Hub customers.


% of total contract spend on previous framework

Stock Condition and Similar Surveys


Fire Risk Assessments


Asset Management, Investment Plan, Options Appraisal, Resource Planning etc.


Electrical Tests


Asbestos Surveys


Sales & Marketing including Stock Rationalisation


Procurement Services, Project Management and Other Professional Services


Valuation Services



Whilst this is not a guarantee of future volume of work, the above table highlights where the demand of services has historically been. Procurement Hub does not expect the proportionality of the future spend to deviate significantly from what has been seen historically, as many of the same Procurement Hub Clients that have used it previously will be using it again in the following years.

It should be noted that 80% of the value of the previous contract was awarded for Stock Condition Surveys, FRAs, Electrical Tests, and Asbestos Surveys. It should also be noted that some discrete services (such as Architectural Services) did not have any meaningful or spend via this framework. For the purposes of absolute clarity, this is not a position which the Procurement Hub envisages will change to any significant degree on the new framework.

It is expected that overall demand may increase for the services as Procurement Hub continues to grow/develop and bring more Clients on board.

Minimum Requirements;


These are as described in the SQ/PQQ documents and include the following


  • Insurance: Evidence the Applicant has or will be in a position to obtain the

following levels of insurance for each category listed in the questionnaire.

  • Public Liability - £20,000,000
  • Employers Liability - £10,000,000
  • Professional Indemnity - £10,000,000 for each and every individual


  • Minimum annual turnover of £25,000,000
  • Financial Evaluation (explained on page 19 of Document 01.  Professional Services Framework – SQ Supporting Document)
  • Questions noted as mandatory exclusions within the government’s SQQ (standard selection questionnaire)
  • Have the capability to describe all the services listed in the Contract notice and Procurement documents
  • Can deliver all services on a national basis
  • Confirmation that all specifications can be delivered
  • Provide details of three contracts that have been delivered that are multi-discipline (question 4.6.2)
  • Provide details of 1 contract that has been delivered for fire risk assessments (question 4.6.4)
  • Provide details of 1 contract that has been delivered for stock condition surveys (question 4.6.6)


Please note that there is an SQ (formerly PQQ) stage of the procurement.  Only shortlisted bidders need to complete Invitation to Tender questions and a Pricing Submission.  All bidders will be notified if they have been invited to tender following evaluation of the SQ responses.  However, the ITT documents have been provided as reference documents at SQ stage so bidders can familiarise themselves with the documents and determine if the opportunity is suitable for them, including additional pass/fail elements required to deliver the contract including acceptance of terms and conditions relating to call off contracts.


Rationale for Minimum Requirements


One supplier will be appointed to the framework.  This contractor must be able to provide all services on a national basis.  Procurement Hub has in excess of 300 members who are eligible to call off from the framework and the successful supplier must have the scale, in terms of size, capacity, stability and expertise in all services.  In order to determine whether the opportunity is suitable we would recommend a bidder first considers whether they can deliver the full scope services on a national basis before considering whether they would be excluded due to other requirements such as turnover and insurances.


The insurance levels requested has been selected due the breadth of services required and level of risk and liability that may arise in delivering those services.  As the contract value is estimated at £160,000,00 the insurance levels requested are appropriate.


The minimum turnover requested is £25,000,000.  This is equal to the 1 years’ current turnover through the framework.  The anticipated future spend is expected to rise to £40,000,000 per annum based on continued growth so the successful service provider must have the capacity to manage a contract of this size.


This is deemed appropriate as a turnover of this size indicates that the bidder is of sufficient size to deliver the contract as the contract value would amount for 100% of an organisations turnover at the minimum level and therefore the doubling of resource.  The financial stability of the successful bidder is paramount to successful delivery of the contract and Places for People have included a financial evaluation as part of the SQ element due to events in construction industry such as the collapse of Carillion and recommendations of the Hackitt review.  Places for People recognise that turnover in itself is not an indicator of financial stability but is an indicator of size which is why there is an additional financial stability evaluation as part of the process.


The procurement is for a wide range of professional services and details of relevant contracts are required to evidence experience of delivering similar services.  Bidders must provide details of 3 contracts for multi-discipline works as well as 1 contract for each of the specific disciplines with the more frequent number of call off contracts likely to be awarded through the framework (fire risk assessments and stock condition surveys).  In addition to providing contract details bidders which are on a pass/fail basis, bidders are also requested to provide case studies to highlight their experience of delivering the services and these will be scored in accordance with the scoring guide.


Places for People and Procurement Hub have a number of solutions that are suitable to organisations regardless of size, scope of services they can provide and geographical coverage and have variety of projects in the pipeline for a number of members.  If an organisation decides that the Professional Services framework is not suitable then we would encourage you to view the following solutions and associated documents to determine if they are of interest.  If any of the opportunities are of interest then applications to take part in the projects can be submitted via the links below.



Services Required

Link to Project

Link to OJEU Notice

Property Works DPS

Range of works including kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors, painting and decorating, aids and adaptations, heating, general building work, electrical, external works, roofing and roofline


2016/S 170-305523


Compliance DPS

Range of works and services including asbestos removal, asbestos surveys, fire safety systems, FRAs, electrical testing, PAT testing, water hygiene, emergency lighting, lifting equipment and void services


2018/S 086-193469


Development Consultants DPS

Range of services including master planning and architecture, landscape architecture, sustainability consultancy, construction and technical consultancy, sale of marketing and lettings and engineering


2015/S 183-332508


Specialist Contractors DPS


Due to be launched Autumn 2018

Due to be advertised Autumn 2018


If any organisation wishes to find out further information on these opportunities above please contact;


If you chose to submit for the Professional Services framework we look forward to receiving your SQ response.  If however, on review of the documents you decide that the opportunity is not suitable then we hope that you consider submitting a response for one of the other opportunities.




A full public sector eligibility list is given in the below links


Further Information


All documentation will be made available online via the Due North Housing Procurement Portal. The URL address on the Due North Housing Procurement Portal is as stated in the OJEU Contract Notice. Applicants wishing to participate will need to register on the site and upon completion of registration will have access to the documentation. Completed documents should be submitted via the Due North Housing Procurement Portal. All communications in relation to this procurement should also be via the Due North Housing Procurement Portal. The Contracting Authority reserves the right not to award any agreement pursuit to this procurement exercise and/or to abandon this procurement exercise at any time and/or to award for part of the services at its sole discretion. The Contracting Authority shall have no liability whatsoever to any applicant or tenderer as a result of its exercise of that discretion. For the avoidance of doubt, all costs incurred by any Applicant and/or Tenderer should be incurred entirely at that applicants/tenderer's risk.