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Carbon Offset

We're moving towards a more responsible future...we're carbon negative. 

It means we remove more carbon (CO₂) than we emit each year. Any activity that increases the amount of CO₂ in the atmosphere contributes to the effect of global warming. To remove our carbon footprint and combat the effects, we collaborate with various environmental projects that allow us to remove more carbon than we emit through our services and office. You can view our Carbon offset certificate here. 

Carbon offsetting is about funding projects around the world that help reduce carbon emissions by a measurable and verifiable amount. These projects include reducing deforestation and planting more trees, renewable energy generation and improving energy efficiency. Many of the projects also provide additional benefits such as education, jobs and clean drinking water.

We're supporting the following projects >


We're helping to reduce deforestation in the Amazon Rain forest.

The Amazon is the largest remaining rainforest on our planet. It’s known for its amazing biodiversity and is home to many endangered species that rely on a thriving rainforest for their survival. This project works to prevent unplanned deforestation in native forests, which occur due to logging and attempts to implement pastures. The project is expected to eliminate over 22 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. The project stimulates the creation of jobs and training in forest management along with supporting critical biodiversity habitats.

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We're helping to generate electricity from renewable hydrological resources.

The Maripose Hydroelectric Project located in Chile, South America generates electricity from renewable hydrological resources. The project contributes towards sustainable development through the use of local renewable energy resources instead of sources such as coal and diesel. This allows for increased commercial activity through clean and renewable power sources.



We're helping to generate wind power.

The purpose of this project is to generate clean renewable electricity from wind power and supply it to the national grid of Uruguay. The project involves the development of an onshore wind farm. The wind farm consists of 25 wind turbines, which will supply the national grid of Uruguay. The project contributes to sustainable development and will support the country in various ways. Such as, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating new employment, supporting new technology and reducing pollutants.  

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