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Procurement Hub is proud to launch our new Apprenticeships DPS; the first of its kind in the UK.  

Throughout the process of Brexit there has been a constant theme regarding the skills shortage in the UK. With a high proportion of the current UK labour force, across all sectors and at all levels, being recruited from Europe and beyond, the need to bridge the skills gap is a constant talking point.

In response the Government announced a National Infrastructure Plan alongside the creation of more than three million apprentices by 2020. This plan focuses on addressing the skills shortages, and providing employment and training to develop and up-skill the UK workforce.

Training apprentices to bridge the gap  

Apprenticeships have often been overlooked, undervalued and typecast as only being suitable for certain job roles and career paths. To address this the Government introduced the apprenticeship levy setting out very clear guidelines on how apprentices are to be appointed and trained.

With the introduction of the levy the old Apprentice Frameworks are replaced by Apprentice Standards which continuously change and evolve.

Despite this there was a large reduction in the number of starts in the final quarter of 2016/17, following funding changes and the introduction of the levy in May 2017. Starts by apprentices aged 25 and over were particularly affected.(1)

Strategy to enable change

Our strategy when establishing our Apprenticeships DPS was to provide a competitive and compliant agreement to access apprenticeship training providers. Our DPS removes the common procurement barriers saving our members time and money; and because it is a compliant route it enables your organisation to claim training costs back from the levy fund.

Our DPS is the perfect mechanism allowing you to maximise the return on your organisations levy contributions as it is also able to continuously change with the introduction of new standards over the life of the DPS.

Implementing a successful apprenticeship programme enables your organisation to develop the skills of your workforce and drive business improvement. Every apprentice you employ is another person in work which also builds on your organisations social value, and with the right training and support your apprentices’ will help to close the skills gap.

So, if you’re looking to send the right message to your employees and open the door to levy funded apprenticeships training programmes save time and money by becoming a Procurement Hub member now!

Member benefits

Our members get access to our wide range of innovative and flexible frameworks and dynamic purchasing systems, reducing the time, cost and hassle involved in finding high quality suppliers.

All our services are fully EU compliant, so our members save time and money on procurement activities whilst meeting all their legal requirements. 

(1) Apprenticeship Statistics: England. Briefing Paper Number 06113, 15 December 2017. House of Commons Library 

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