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On the 24 April Procurement Hub will descend on Manchester Central to exhibit at Procurex England North on stand 92.

As market leaders in the use of the innovative Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), we will be celebrating innovation in procurement, as we continue to champion new thinking, and contemporary ways of working that save our members time and money whilst remaining OJEU compliant.

The world continues to change at an ever increasing pace, and we must be innovative in our approach to help overcome the challenges in the most effective manner possible.

We need to embrace, even celebrate, change and adopt procurement methods that are as fluid as the market is volatile. Procurement methods that promote better engagement with SMEs, more localised focus within procurement exercises, the flexibility to deal with complex environments and the opportunity to introduce new technologies and suppliers as the environment changes around us – all in a fully OJEU compliant way.

Perfect solution

A DPS is the perfect solution for these uncertain times, as it can be tailored to a projects specific needs with new suppliers able to be admitted at any time, meaning the most cost effective and innovative suppliers are available.

They mitigate risk and give organisations the knowledge that their suppliers have all the relevant attributes at the time of appointment. Working as a continual benchmarking activity each call-off from a DPS (which can take as little as 10 days to complete) reflects the current state of a business, the current financial standing, the current prices and the current capacity. Every time.

They allow for the inclusion of SMEs and local tradespeople who can be appointed in a fair and transparent manner. They ensure the selection of the most suitable supplier at the time of each project, guaranteeing project completion.

No-one can predict the future or what lies round the corner. But, by looking for innovative and dependable solutions some of that uncertainty can be overcome.

Member benefits

Our members get access to our wide range of innovative and flexible frameworks and dynamic purchasing systems, reducing the time, cost and hassle involved in finding high quality suppliers to get their projects off the ground.

All our services are fully EU compliant, so our members save time and money on procurement activities whilst meeting all their legal requirements.

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