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Given the current economic and political environment, the effective planning, management and realisation of value has never been more critical.

At the same time, public sector bodies continue to face unprecedented financial constraints and need to ensure that they achieve the best returns on the investment of their assets and services provided.

Whilst the country continues to face a major shortage of housing, we know that building homes is just the start. New schools, shops, leisure facilities, job opportunities and training for support services make a place thrive. Key areas such as H&S, Sustainability and Risk Management have become vital to any Public Sector body achieving the expected. 

Whilst, previous iterations have focused on development consultancy solely, this DPS is about generating the maximum returns from public sector investment; sharing in the long term benefits to be gained whilst leaving behind a legacy.

The DPS was originally procured in 2015, following the expiration of the DPS. It had been decided to review the offering, following consultation with Hub clients we highlighted areas that needed to be included and recognised the importance to increase the services offered.  Work streams that have been offered to Consultants to apply for are:

  • Project and Cost management
  • Auditing, Development Monitoring
  • Property Investment, Appraisal and Financial Services
  • Sales/Marketing and Valuations
  • Risk Management and Governance
  • Technical and Site Investigation
  • Engineering Design
  • Architecture
  • Landscape Design
  • Planning
  • Consultation
  • Masterplanning and Urban Design
  • Construction Design & Management (CDM) Services
  • Property Advisory and Employers Agents Services
  • Sustainability & Environmental Services
  • Health and Safety

The Consultancy DPS now offers a wider range of services to Hub members that they can access to ensure compliance and in depth specialist knowledge from leading industry experts.

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