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Save time and money on your organisation's energy supply with Procurement Hub’s new Energy DPS. It's not too late - put compliant energy procurement solutions in place within days.

We’re fast approaching the time of year when energy contracts come up for renewal. And with intense public interest around energy production and tariffs, compliant, transparent and competitive energy procurement is essential.   

The UK’s energy supply sector is becoming increasingly complex and regulated, with companies now under more scrutiny from Ofgem than ever before. All of which means putting procurement processes in place can take time.

To meet this challenge, we created the Energy Supply Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). Available to all contracting authorities in the UK, the DPS streamlines your energy procurement processes.

It significantly cuts the time and expense involved in putting compliant procurement solutions in place, as well as giving you access to the UK’s leading energy experts and Ofgem accredited suppliers.

If you’ve not already put in place your energy procurement solution using our Energy Procurement and Consultancy Framework, then the Energy Supply DPS can meet your needs quickly. 

“When we needed a fast turnaround for our energy supply, Procurement Hub were able to offer an OJEU compliant and easy to use route to market. Thanks to the team and our detailed meter and usage information, we were able to set up a new contract within three days.

Lisa Galbraith, Head of Energy, Suffolk County Council

5 Key benefits of the Energy Supply Dynamic Purchasing System

  1. Speed of access – our new Energy Supply DPS can be in place within a matter of days

  2. Free and fully compliant – Procurement Hub is free to join, and our DPS system is free to access and fully OJEU compliant

  3. Value for money – constantly reviewed suppliers and competitive repricing in response to changing market conditions provides your business with best-value solutions

  4. Stay up to date – our experts provide regular updates to help you negotiate your way around changes in the energy procurement market

  5. Access to knowledge – Procurement Hub and our suppliers have extensive experience in the energy industry

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