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Meeting the required standards for gas compliance is one of the most demanding operational challenges for registered providers of social housing.

Regulation 36 of the Gas Installation and Use Regulations require that each property that is rented has a valid Landlord Gas Safety Record (LGSR). This is a fundamental requirement for all registered providers of social housing. To maintain compliance with this regulation is a significant undertaking and one which requires a combination of auditors, contractors and data management. 

All aspects of Building Regulations and safety have come under further review over the last few years with gas being foremost of these, requiring organisations to not only be compliant but to also independently demonstrate compliance.

Registered providers of social housing therefore engage independent 3rd party gas auditors to not only impartially provide assurance and audit the performance of the contractor, but also to provide guidance for best practice for managing gas to enable them to fulfil their duties as a Landlord and to maintain compliance with the regulatory codes.

This Gas Compliance Framework has been perfectly designed to meet these requirements all in the one place.

A recently commissioned independent market research survey by CIL Management Consultants identified that 70% of respondents felt that the importance of gas safety will continue to increase, with 28% of respondents of the view it will dramatically increase.  The research also highlighted that a staggering 41% of respondents believe that currently there are either non-compliance or gas safety issues, so the need to take urgent action is paramount.

Procurement Hub have completed a fully transparent tender process, compliant with Public Contract Regulations, to appoint an auditor, contractor and data management provider as sole suppliers across three Lots.

With a direct award to Morgan Lambert, Sure Maintenance and Gas Tag the process is simple, fast and easy.


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