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It’s almost exactly a year since Procurement Hub launched. And after a year of change, it’s now more important than ever to get the most out of your procurement processes.

Procurement Hub launched in the wake of the biggest legislative shake up our profession has ever known. EU public contracts regulations ushered in a new operating landscape, and concepts like OJEU compliance were introduced.

Sadly, our inaugural year has been another testing one for our public sector colleagues and customers, particularly those in the Social Housing, Healthcare, and Education sectors.

On top of legislative changes,  2015 saw further cuts to public spending, the extension of Right-to-Buy and social rents cut by 1%.

New challenges

This year’s budget announcement offered little in the way of relief. Public spending is set to be reined in by £3.5bn year on year, until the end of this parliament.

And yet, during the Budget announcement, the Government was keen to stress that “we are the builders”. A raft of lucrative infrastructure projects aims to facilitate London’s expansion and the Northern Powerhouse agenda.

So, how can the public sector hope to capitalise on such huge projects and ensure that new, emerging communities remain sustainable for the long term?

Tried and tested solutions

We’ve found time and time again that a problem shared can often be a problem halved. Procurement Hub is continually diversifying to ensure we respond to the needs of our partners.

Our solutions unlock crucial time and cost savings to get projects moving quicker. But the specialist advice and support available through our network of accredited suppliers can prove invaluable.

Find out more about our solutions today by becoming a member.  

Planning for the future

We’ll soon be launching a new framework focussed on the brokerage and supply of energy.  We’ll not only offer competitive rates, but also partner with public sector organisations to negotiate and manage the best long-term contractual agreements.

In light of the Budget’s relaxation of planning restrictions, we’re unveiling solutions so the sector can meet its construction and development ambitions.

Our Building Materials and Development Contractors frameworks will get vital projects moving quickly through agreements that dispense with traditional and lengthy tender processes.

And with the UK soon to vote on its EU membership, we're already thinking of new solutions to keep vital projects moving in the event of an exit.

In this constantly changing environment, it pays to plan ahead. 

This article first appeared as a comment piece on the 24Dash website.

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