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On the first day of the CIH annual conference and exhibition in Manchester, Alan Heron discusses the value of launching a new IT services framework at the main event in the housing calendar.

"It's always valuable to attend the CIH in Manchester, where there is such focussed attention on locating solutions and services that can benefit the sector. It's exciting to see Manchester Central so busy on the opening day of the conference and I'm looking forward to having some rewarding discussions with our housing peers.

"It was particularly interesting to speak to a delegate from the New Zealand Housing Association earlier. Although his country only has around 60,000 social homes, I was struck by the shared challenges we face as organisations. He was amazed by how diverse our business offering has become as an organisation - I think Places for People are at the vanguard of the sector in terms of our flexibility.

"I think what has really stood out at the conference so far has been seeing how pervasive technology has become in our everyday lives. One delegate showed me an app on his phone that told him where his car was parked and even that he'd left the window open! It's great to launch Procurement Hub's IT services framework today, to such a receptive audience that appreciates the crucial role that IT plays in our professional and social lives.

"Over the next couple of days, I'm looking forward to discussing Procurement Hub's unique offering with the sector and sharing the value of the work we've invested in delivering our various frameworks. The services we offer through Procurement Hub are tried and tested by Places for People, so we know that they are fit for purpose, cost effective and tailored to the housing industry."

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