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Following the result of the EU referendum, any UK public or private sector organisations dealing with European partners will require targeted legal counsel, to ensure all processes are aligned and consistent with continental trading requirements.

Our new and responsive Dynamic Purchasing System for legal services is the first of its kind in the UK, offering improved choice amongst suppliers of legal support across the country.

Greater freedom, choice and flexibility

A Dynamic Purchasing System is governed by the same OJEU quality standards as traditional EU procurement frameworks, but offers greater freedom, choice and flexibility for all customers and suppliers subscribing to it.

While a traditional procurement framework offers access to a limited number of pre-approved and ranked suppliers over a 4-year period, a Dynamic Purchasing System can run indefinitely and allows an unlimited number of suppliers to join– intended to encourage greater regional and professional specialisms to become available to members.

The Dynamic Purchasing System model also aims to encourage greater participation from SME suppliers, due to its continuous enrolment facility, which allows firms to join or leave at any time. This mechanism enables member organisations to select smaller, localised suppliers where desired, to fit with their individual strategic objectives.

Products within our legal services solution

Both the legal services Dynamic Purchasing System and framework agreement cover contentious and non-contentious products associated with the following specialist areas or 'lots':


Lot 1 Property Lot 2 Development
Lot 3 Corporate & Finance Lot 4 Employment
Lot 5 Housing Management Lot 6 General Commercial
Lot 7 Leisure Management Lot 8 Healthcare
Lot 9 Compliance & Governance Lot 10 Multi-Facet

Key benefits for our members

With our legal services solution, Procurement Hub members benefit from access to:

  • A wide range of experienced suppliers who are listed in the Chambers Directory,
  • Best-in-class suppliers as they can join at any time until the solution close date,
  • Regional suppliers with relevant geographical experience which also promotes socioeconomic benefit.

As a member you have full control.  The Dynamic Purchasing System can be tailored to your specific requirements, allowing you to specify the selection criteria and the weightings that are given to the responses allowing you to select the most appropriate supplier.

As with all our procurement solutions, it is free!  There are no joining or access fees to utilise our solutions.

All solutions are fully OJEU compliant and have a documented procurement process. 

So whatever your requirements we can help you to reduce the time, cost and hassle of finding high quality suppliers of legal services without you having to surrender the control.

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