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The new waste services framework from Procurement Hub is a game changer as it provides a fully integrated service covering all forms of waste collection and recycling for public sector organisations.

From skips and construction waste on major projects, to recycling bins within corporate facilities, and green soil treatment from polluted developments; waste removal is one of the largest administration burdens on the modern public sector organisation.

Circular economy

Whereas the focus for the last 20 years has been the removal of waste and what to do with it, the market is now defined as a circular economy driven by re-use, recycle and (importantly) re-sell, so there is actually market demand for waste.

A survey by Friends of the Earth suggests that the growing circular economy and the diversion of waste away from landfill is one of the major reasons for continued growth within the sector.

With the demand for waste growing as a result, the rebate feature of the waste services framework means your waste can now be viewed as a potential revenue stream to your business.

Fully integrated and streamlined approach

With the new waste services framework you only have to manage one supplier who covers all types of waste and recycling, meaning one source of management information as well as access to best-in-class treatment and recycling advice.

By appointing a total waste management provider in Acumen, versus multiple streams of waste removal, the framework provides an OJEU compliant solution to both de-burden and de-risk your organisation.

With free no obligation site audits, ISO and regulatory compliance, as well as a full suite of Management Information on the types of waste collected, the waste services framework can help your organisation contribute to the circular economy and helping you meet and exceed both legal and regulatory requirements.

5 key benefits of the Waste services framework

  1. Free no obligation site audit
  2. All associated paperwork will be taken care of in a fully compliant manner
  3. Every tonne of waste diverted from landfill and into activities revolving around recycling or re-use has the ability to create additional jobs and add real social value
  4. With waste being handled and segregated properly it can now be seen as a revenue stream rather than a cost to your business
  5. Single national supplier with a zero-to-landfill focus

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