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There is no doubt that the development industry is as busy as it’s ever been, particularly within the public sector.

Contractors, developers and all public sector organisations are competing for opportunities, finances, and land. Critically, there is a clamour for the knowledge, resource, skills and capacity to develop and build the accommodation of tomorrow, that’s badly needed today. 

A recurring theme from members of Procurement Hub and suppliers is that a simpler form of procurement is needed, that focuses on the project in hand, the key commercials, design and planning requirements.

There is however a balancing act that must be met, in terms of the need for OJEU compliance, to ensure that public bodies have been through a robust procurement policy that satisfies the needs of the Public Contract Regulations 2015.

Procurement Hub’s Development Contractor Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) provides a unique, free to access, solution that unlike traditional procurement frameworks provides a tailored approach to each individual opportunity

To ensure that it supports both minor and major construction works, our Development Contractors DPS enables our members to access specialist contractors that have been pre-qualified against the minimum requirements set out by the public contracts regulations.

Then, by allowing our members to segment these suppliers on criteria such as postcode, value band, scope of work or specialism, means they can then narrow down their contractor search to match their project with specialist contractors.

This two stage approach ensures that new-build property developments and refurbishment programmes are delivered cost effectively, and to the highest quality standard.

Member benefits

Further information about our Development Contractors solution is available in our member's area. Our members get access to our wide range of innovative and flexible frameworks and dynamic purchasing systems, reducing the time, cost and hassle involved in finding high quality suppliers.

All our services are fully EU compliant, so our members save time and money on procurement activities whilst meeting all their legal requirements. 

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