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Following the Prime Ministers crucial housing summit to address the wide-ranging issues which affect the UK housing sector, we look at how the challenge can be met.

Last Tuesday, Theresa May held a crucial housing summit at Number 10 to address the wide-ranging issues which affect the UK housing sector.

Inviting representatives from house builders, housing associations and local authorities, she hoped to stimulate innovative ideas on how to overcome these issues.

For many years there has been talk about how best to fix the broken housing market, but there currently seems to be an urgency around making it right as the Government plans a ‘significant intervention’.

It’s clear there is going to be a focus on housing and planning in next month’s Budget and the changes won’t just be around building more houses. There will be discussions around changes in stamp duty, different tax rates for young people and the ability for local authorities to borrow more money to build new homes.

One of the key themes that has stood out is innovation. Not only is the Government looking at ways to improve the planning process, but also how housing is built. With advances in technology and design, as well as the uncertainty of Brexit and its effect on available labour, it is more important than ever to keep ahead of the times.

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