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You may be wondering what does this mean for public procurement.

The current EU Public Procurement Directives and UK Public Procurement Regulations continue to apply during the transition period which will run from the 31st January 2020 until 31st December 2020. This means there will be no immediate changes to public procurement law and public buyers should continue their normal purchasing activity.

Further guidance is expected to be given later this year on the expected situation after 31st December 2020. However, one of the UK’s most eminent procurement experts, Professor Sue Arrowsmith, has recently produced a full working paper (part 1) of proposals for post-Brexit procurement regulation based on her submissions to the Cabinet Office last year.

The paper proposes seven principles for the reforms:

1. An open contracting approach

2. A single and uniform regime for the Westminster jurisdiction

3. Significant legislative simplification involving a shift from hard law to soft law

4. Use of familiar concepts, rules and terminology where appropriate

5. A re-balancing of interests (away from open market objectives towards value for money, sustainability and reduced procedural costs) and a related shift in regulatory strategy to increase flexibility

6. A more effective and balanced approach to enforcement

7. A common framework across the UK jurisdictions

You can read the full paper here

We've put together a survey to find out what changes you would like to see for procurement regulation post-Brexit. 

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