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With the Government announcing a new £3 billion pot to fund property development, effective procurement processes are vital to help you make the most of your funding.

At this month’s Conservative party conference, the Government announced a new £3 billion House Building Fund.

The Fund provides:

  • Development Finance Loans to meet the costs of building homes for sale or rent.
  • Infrastructure Finance Loans for site preparation and to prepare land for development, and to fund the infrastructure needed for development to progress.

The fund’s aim is to remove the barrier that accessing finance presents to property developers, particularly those pursuing smaller and more innovative projects.

But securing funding for development is only one step in solving the nation’s housing crisis.

Innovative new solutions

With funding secured, developers can begin putting supply chains in place, meaning efficient routes to market are vital.

The Government’s new funding solutions are intended to encourage innovation in the type of homes we build, and the way that we build them.

And by coupling innovative funding with flexible ways of working, developers can get their projects moving quickly and achieve value for money from their new finances.

Fortunately, finding innovative ways to connect developers to their suppliers is something Procurement Hub is an expert in.

Combining funding and delivery

When coupled with flexible delivery solutions, developers will be able to get their projects up and running quickly.

Procurement Hub’s range of frameworks and dynamic purchasing systems brings together the nation’s leading consultants, contractors and suppliers in solutions tailor-made for individual projects.

So whether it’s master planning or architecture, environmental consultants or development contractors – Procurement Hub can connect you to the UK’s leading suppliers.

Get your development projects moving quickly

Join Procurement Hub for free today and find out how our solutions can get your projects moving quickly.

Procurement Hub’s Development Contractors framework connects our members to specialist construction partners.

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